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Locksmith Directory

Locksmith Near Me is a UK-based Locksmith Directory. It was the first locksmith directory in the UK to offer postcode area based searches for UK locksmiths. It remains free of charge to list a locksmith business on our locksmith directory, and all listings contain a valuable 'dofollow' text link to the locksmith's own website. All we ask for is a link back to Locksmith Near Me, this is as simple as sharing a locksmith directory listing on a facebook or twitter page.

So, get in touch today to list your business on Locksmith Near Me, the premier UK Locksmith Directory.

Security Advice

In all instances it is good practice to fit British Standard Approved locks to all of your external points of entry. It is in many cases an Insurance company requirement and will reduce your premium. Approved locks carry the British Standard Kite Mark and are approved to BS3621, a rigorous test standard to which the locks must perform.

Essentially, if you only have a Yale type lock (nightlatch) fitted to your point of entry, you will need to fit an additional, British Standard dead lock in order to comply with current insurance standards.

Your local Locksmiths are dedicated to providing you with the security products and technical knowledge you need to protect your homes and businesses, and to comply with the requirements of your insurance policies.


In many instances a UPVC point of entry is a sensible replacement for old, tired and draughty timber ones. Apart from their heat saving properties, UPVC ones are strong and the multipoint locking systems provide a high level of security.

However, it is essential to fit a high security cylinder (euro cylinder), as the cheap versions are particularly prone to 'snapping' and 'bumping'. These methods of forced entry are on the rise, and it pays dividends to protect yourself with a snap-safe, anti-bump cylinder.

A good example is the Garrison type cylinder, although there are others on the market. Ask a locksmith near you for advice.

UPVC Problems?

Has your UPVC point of entry become difficult to lock or unlock? This could prove an expensive repair if you don't act fast!

Fortunately, here at Locksmith Near Me we have plenty of experience of sorting this issue. A simple adjustment in time could prolong the life of your multipoint locking mechanism - saving you lots of money in the long run.

A nice easy test you can do - try going through the locking procedure in an open position. If the handle lifts easily and the key turns you are in luck - Locksmiths Near Me can adjust your hardware quickly and inexpensively, before your multipoint locking mechanism fails completely.

Recently Moved House?

It is vitally important to change your locks when moving into a new property, after all you can never be sure how many keys to the property are out there and just who is in possession of them.

A startling statistic - from recent Government crime figures - shows that 9% of burglaries are carried out by someone with a key to the property. Your local locksmith nearby is on hand to advise you on the security of your house, to change locks and also to upgrade older locks to modern insurance requirements.

Why not take the opportunity to have your new locks 'keyed alike'? At Locksmith Near Me we can usually make your new locks all work from the same key, or at most two keys depending upon the types of locks fitted.

Master Key Suites

Master Key Suites or Systems provide you with the ability to control access to your property. You can 'zone' areas and distribute keys to individuals depending on their role.

Imagine for instance a hotel or B & B. At Locksmith Near Me we could design a system whereby the Manager would hold a Master Key that opens everything. Clients' individual keys would also open the front entrance, which could then be kept locked. A cleaner could be supplied with a key that opens all rooms and the entrance, but not the Manager's office. Quite complex systems can be built using computer software, and any lost keys can be cut from code.

Your local Locksmiths can give you this functionality, with the added convenience of only having to carry the one key instead of a whole bunch.

Your local locksmith can advise you on all the different systems available, and the advantages to your business.

One Key For All...

If you are changing or upgrading your locks it's worth considering having your new locks 'keyed alike'. Quite simply, all of your locks around the house could all work from one key. Imagine the convenience: front, back, patio, and garage entrances, even shed, gate and padlocks all on the same key.

Depending on the products used, any additional security you may purchase in the future could be pinned to match your existing key.

At Locksmith Near Me we can advise you on all the different systems available, so call today!