Should your Locksmith business offer discounts?

As a locksmith, you deserve the prices you quote. You’ve spent time training, you’ve gained experience and you’ve forked out for advertising, websites, tools and transport. However, although it can be annoying when people question your prices, there are some groups of customers that you may want to offer a discount to.

If you operate your business in an area which has a university, the local student population is a great market to attract. Students are used to getting special treatment, and will regularly receive discounts in shops, bars and restaurants. If so many established big businesses think it’s worth offering student discount, maybe you should benefit from their experience and wisdom. I know of a locksmith in Hinckley who says that mentioning a 10% student discount in his advertising has boosted his business and really put him ahead of his competitors.

The elderly are another market that can be enticed with the the offer of discount. Living on a pension is hard, and the unexpected costs of getting locked out or having your locks fail can seriously disrupt a pensioners finances. One benefit of offering this type of discount is the power of word of mouth. Any elderly customer who feels that they received a quality, fair-priced service is likely to pass on the message to their peers. You may have lost money on your work, but you’ll have gained excellent, free advertising.

You could also consider pledging a percentage of your income to a local charity. Again, a mention of this on your advertising will put you ahead of the competition, and will gain you a great reputation. It’ll be clear to your clients that you are a local tradesman, not a national company, and will help you to appear trustworthy and conscientious. And best of all, you get to feel virtuous for helping someone out.

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