Why should you choose a key safe?

Using a key safe is a good idea when you have a building with more than one key holder. They are a convenient way to allow the owner of the property to decide who should be able to access the property. They are perfect for

  • Dog walkers

  • Carers

  • Holiday lets

  • Student lets

  • Relatives

  • Trusted friends

Operation of a key safe is quick and simple. You type a series of numbers onto a key pad, with digital or push buttons, or input the code on rolling discs like those on a briefcase. Many models come complete with a weather-proof outer cover, which will stop harmful sun rays and rain fall weakening the box. These are often made to look like meter-boxes in order to disguise their true function.

Although installing a key safe may look like a job suitable for the average home DIY enthusiast, it really pays to book a professional for the work. The fittings supplied with key safes may be convenenient, but a locksmith will be able to assess the site and building and use top-quality fittings that will be better suited. The experience of a local locksmith will also ensure that your safe is placed in the safest possible spot, and will not draw the attention of criminals.

A professional tradesman will also know about the condition of your chosen site. Leicester locksmiths suggest that you look carefully at whether your walls are in poor condition as crumbling, porous masonry will be too weak to support a key safe. Rendering and effects such as cladding and pebble-dash can also cause problems. If in doubt – speak to a professional.

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